Business Ideas Using New Media and The Over Saturation of Technology

With the dawn of the internet age there has been an extravagant boost in creative ideas related to business ideas and technology. From iPhone Apps to Smartphones, to softwares and apps to increase efficiency and save us time, we have launched into a new median cultural era that is heavily reliant on technology. This creates an enormous amount of opportunity but also creates information overload for consumers.

What is the latest gadget? Who do I shop with? Who should I trust? Everyone is raising their flag saying “look at us, we’re the best, buy, buy, buy.” This type of information overload shuts down the senses and leads a person into withdraw so the net effect that is created is no-action. When someone is faced with too many choices one will not take any of them and thus take no action, especially if most of these choices are similar. This slides right into the business opportunities market. Everyone is jumping on the local business marketing band-wagon and the marketing has become saturated as it is just another biz-opp for those who have failed to make money online. But is this really a great opportunity? Quite frankly if you want your business to be left at the hands of Google with the numerous updates and changes, one day they love you the next day your gone, then the flighty uncertainty is for you. But more stability is what people want these days despite tech and I think the majority are getting sick and tired of the massive promotion shoved into their faces of “you need to be on the 1st page of Google”. The point is that’s not a stable business. In my opinion these are the top 5 business ideas.
The Top 5 Business Ideas of 2014 are:
1. Selling on Amazon
2. Online teaching
3. App Development
4. App Marketing
5. Digital Publications

I think these are some pretty safe and lucrative enterprises to go into. With #1 Amazon you can create your own Brand and sell direct using FBA, this is a very lucrative business model and I personally know several people who started making $50K a month after only 5-6 months… I dont know about you but that’s pretty incredible.
Online teaching is also good as you can build up your own list of students and you courses on Udemy that you can add yours to. App development and marketing are industries that are only going to see increased growth over the years and thus are very good to go into. Finally, digital publications are due to increase dramatically over the years as well, with again not having to rely on a Search Engine.
Overall the key is to create a stable business model that is not relying on the search engine monopoly of the world wide web where we close our eyes tie our hands behind our backs and and hope and pray we get accepted into their elitist group.

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