Local Business Merges

Do you have a business or a couple different Brands you could merge together to increase market share?  Sacramento Marketing and SEO Agency On Point Internet Marketing in Sacramento will be merging with Kaizen Way another local agency. The owners say “the Kaizen name just never caught on and was a misunderstood term among most business owners.” I guess, there is a lot of importance in a name after all. I can see how the name could be popular amongst other Japanese business owners, but in the US Kaizen is a philosophy that is not well known by most people although it is a great philosophy. A professional  Sacramento marketing company  will focus on gaining you a National appeal while still being centered around the Sacramento and Northern California region.
On point was a Brand name that was surveyed according to the owner and was favored over other names. In the beginning they did not survey and the name was thought of by then business partner Duane Faitel. I personally think On Point is much better and communicates to a larger audience. I think they’re going to have much more success with this name and create a Brand that people will know and love. I encourage you to visit them online here and say hello.. Cheers On Point!

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